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The mobile phone is no longer a tool for communication only but it has become a tool for infotainment purposes also. Music and other forms of entertainment entities in this industry are now looking at the small screen of mobile phones as part of the future contributing factors for new revenue streams. Contel is in the business of the mobile and internet content & value added services and solutions. Contel had already started its VAS content business in early 2010.
Contel mainly targets the youth, ages range from 15 to 35, to be the prime customers of its Value Added Services (VAS) contents, who have a mobile set and minimum experience/understanding of SMS-based services. This group mostly use mobile for basic communication and for infotainment purposes. Apart from the existing premium based entertainment contents already in the market, Contel hopes to roll-out many more contents/services which are in the pipeline. To name a few of these innovative mobile based services are like Mobile TV, Mobile Blogging, Mobile Instant Messenger, Interactive TV, Mobile Social Networking, Mobile Video Streaming and many more interesting service offerings.
Having its contribution in the VAS world, Contel is tied up with the most prominent Music Labels and artists of the country.


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